Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Even More Cats and our Wonderful Plan

Hey everybody!
Saying goodbye to our awesome English class
Anziano Kewene-hite

 This week we got a new companion! His name is Anziano Kewene-hite. He was born in California so we were automatically friends hahah. I am training him to take my position for when I leave. This week was seriously so good! We have also been teaching this guy named Maurizio who is such a solid guy from Lodi. He is so committed to learning more and meeting with us. This is definitely a miracle for us considering we don't have much time to go out and find new people.

Office squad
 This week I was able to go to Pavia to do an exchange with Anziano Moody. We taught a lady who has more than 25 CATS! It was definitely a great time and the lady seriously opened up to us, and I think it is because she loves that we really appreciate her cats. They were seriously the fluffiest little things I have ever seen in my entire mission.


 I had my last Zone conference where I was able to share my testimony with everyone. Sharing that testimony really made me reflect in the moment at how much I have grown and how much I have come to learn, thanks to the mission.
Some people in my group all the way from the beginning of my mission
My zone

Last Sunday, Anziano Wilson and I had a pretty insane experience while we were driving home from a lesson. On our drive home we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and how amazing it is that our life consists of a beautiful plan that doesn't end when we die. Immediately after talking about that, traffic suddenly slowed down and we saw paramedics doing CPR on a guy who had died from a car wreck. A few other people were injured and someone else looked dead as well. It was pretty scary but super eye opening and comforting as well to know that those peoples' lives didn't end, they just entered the next step in progressing towards living with our Heavenly Father again one day. I am so happy to know the big picture of this life. Helping people come to know this has literally changed the way they act, feel, and live their lives. Its amazing. I love the mission. It would be so nice if my mission continued on for much longer, life is so simple and fulfilling here. Keep choosing the right!!

Love you all!

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