Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cat rescue and teaching new people

July 1, 2017
Ciao belli
Me passing out a Book of Mormon to a guy in piazza Duomo Milano


 I don't think a single bad week has passed by here. Life is seriously great. I am glad to say that I have found the world's best Gelato.

The BEST gelato!

 That is a big statement, considering I've eaten TONS of it. We worked very hard this week! The usual mission operations; fixing problems, fixing cars, preparing orders, releasing a mission newsletter, the list goes on. And we still get out there and meet with people, find, do passbys etc. It's so great. President and Sister Allen came to church this Sunday because we all spoke that day. Pietro from English class came to church and loved it! We had an exchange with other elders on Thursday, so we actually were out all day meeting with people which was so nice.
Last night with the Sicilian family before they leave

On Friday we traveled with the President, his wife, and the Hoopes to clean out a missionary apartment. After a few scratches, tons of lifting, and a nice pizza, we got back and caught up on office things.

The Bogdanovs!

 During my exchange, the missionary I was with asked me "what is one of the biggest lessons you've learned on your mission". It was hard for me to come up with only one, but I told him it was the reality that we have a Heavenly Father who is aware of us. I have always felt, especially in these years, that Heavenly Father doesn't ever abandon us. If we every feel completely alone, it must be because we are abandoning Him. When I put trust in God and His plan, I feel like step by step, my pathway is being illuminated. He really does love us and knows where we stand and where we need to go.

Beautiful Lodi

 This work is true. It's hard work, but so much good comes from it.

The birthday party for our new converts baby's birthday!

 I love you all.

June 24, 2017
Buondì ! ! 
Life is great and busy. Aside from all of the business and craziness, there were some miracles and funny experiences. I had a cat rescue on Thursday. We were in the office when an old lady with cat food rings the door and begs us to rescue her cat from President Allen's yard. We grabbed the key and ran over there, and I grabbed the kitty! I could only hold it for like 3 seconds because the grandma loved it so much she wanted it back immediately. I love this place...
Lodi Countryside
On Wednesday while eating a pasta carbonara, a guy named Maurizio called us and asked to meet with us. That rarely happens so we were super happy! We met with him on Friday and he was an awesome guy and genuinely interested! He said he met the missionaries when he visited Salt Lake many years ago, and he was impressed all these years. We are super excited to see where it goes. 
X Anziano Santoro with his girlfriend who also served in this mission.
This week we met with some people in our ward who have some pretty tough situations. It really makes me grateful for everything I have. Everyone has their own trials and challenges, Some worse than others, but very few people have no problems at all. The gospel of Jesus Christ is laid out in such a way for us to overcome our trials in this life. Countless times I've seen it changed people's lives. I love this scripture in D&C 78:18 which reads "And ye cannot ​​​bear​ all things now; nevertheless, be of good ​​​cheer​, for I will ​​​lead​ you along." We can't get
through everything on our own, that's why we have to have Him will lead us along.
The mission has been the best experience of my life. So many lessons have been learned out here. I love you all. Have a great week! 
Anziano Hogan 

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