Thursday, May 26, 2016


Ciao Family and friends!!!!


I arrived safely and in one piece! The traveling went great and I was met at the airport on Friday by the assistants. Later that day, I found out I was going down to the beautiful city of Bologna! I then got on a train after 24 hours of no sleep and arrived in Bologna in the evening met by my new district. I'm in a trio and the elders I'm with are great, hard working guys. It's me, Anziano Wright (who goes home next week!) and Anziano Da Ponte who had to go home and come back for surgery just like me. We will most likely stay together for the next 6 weeks here in Bologna.

Up the staircase of the Bologna towers

The Bologna towers

The last few days have been so amazing just walking the streets of Italy once again and being a missionary. I think I've eaten pizza 4 out of the 6 days here so far which is no problem with me. The members here in the ward are amazing. They seem like they want to contribute to the missionary work, so that's exciting! We have a good amount of work to do here which I can't complain.

We had a miracle this weekend! After teaching someone in church, an Italian man named Umberto walked in the church and asked for our number and asked to meet with us. We met with him on Monday and he loved what we taught and accepted to read the Book of Mormon. Rarely do people just come to us, so this makes me so excited.

I'm so happy to be back, especially in on of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It's going to get super crowded here for the summer which we are preparing for. It's gotten a lot warmer and the short sleeve shirts are coming out. Hot humid weather also means more of an excuse to get gelato! I'm so grateful for all of your prayers and support through all of this. I love this gospel, Italy, my Savior, and all of
you! I can't wait to keep you updated each week.
Beautiful Bologna

 Anziano Hogan

New Address:

 Anziano William Hogan
Via Giovanni Brugnoli 11
40122, Bologna

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I can't even describe how happy I am to be returning to the Italy Milan mission field once again! These weeks have felt a bit like a roller coaster, but I am happy that everything could end up working out. My plane leaves Thursday morning at 7:15am and I arrive in Milan at 12:00pm on Friday! I want to thank everyone who has helped me in any way possible. All of your prayers have truly helped me. I have loved every moment I was able to spend with my family. Saying goodbye for a second time will sting a bit but I am happy to be going where I am needed and I can't wait to work hard again. Love you all and wish me luck!

Skinning a rattlesnake for my brothers.


 Anziano Hogan

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Soon returning to the field

Hey Everyone!

I am happy to say that I should be returning to the field within the next week! After many doctor visits and much prayer, I know that I am making the right decision and Heavenly Father will watch over and protect me. The church is currently processing my request to return and it should only take a few days. My chances of returning to Italy are almost 100%, but if for some reason I am called to serve somewhere else, then I will trust that that is where I am needed. I love the Lord and I can't wait to continue to hasten His work!

As for the last couple weeks, I was able to continue to work in the mission office and teach with the missionaries. I also had another opportunity to go to the San Diego temple last Tuesday which was an amazing experience. I spent Mothers' day with my mom! Not very many missionaries get to spend mothers day with their moms haha. I made pizza for my family and it was a nice flashback to the days I used to make pizza with my companions. I look forward to making many more in Italy!

                                                                 Proprio Italiano!!

As things start to fall into their place, I will continue to write every week and keep you all updated with how everything goes. I am so grateful for anyone who has helped me in any way during this all. This whole experience has not been easy, but life just happens and I am grateful for all of the valuable things I have learned.

Love you all!